Hotel Service and Catering

We can arrange* the following extra services for an additional charge (we are happy to send you a detailed price list):

* Please let us know your requirements at the time of booking if at all possible.

Breakfast preparation and clearing

Breakfast (min. four people, daily) can be bought, prepared and cleared by our housekeepers. You can choose between French, Continental and English.


Only for basic groceries in combination with other additional services!

If you have already booked other additional services (e.g. the breakfast service or regular refuse disposal) our staff can shop for basic groceries (e.g. eggs, milk, bread) for a small transport charge. Please write a list.

Catering for lunch and dinner

We have arranged a service cooperation with the Hotel Bahnhof Giswil, and can offer various lunch and dinner menus for 4 or more people. Menu suggestions and prices are available on request.

Room service

Room service (daily or several times a week) can be booked: includes bedmaking, aring, refuse disposal, hoovering.

Additional cleaning of the whole house

Additional cleaning (bathrooms, WCs, living areas, bedrooms) can be arranged for longer-staying guests.

Refuse disposal

For an additional charge, our housekeepers can take care of refuse disposal during your stay (several times a week).


You can find everything you need to make a booking here: